Photography by Dean Thorpe

A very random collection

This web site was mostly created as a free photo gallery for Dean Thorpe's (that's me!) photography collection. I'm a 100% non-profit freelance photographer who is based in Battle, East Sussex, England.

This is just a small selection of my photographic work, I have about a quarter of a million photos on my computer at the time of writing this, the majority of which are not even sorted, I just love getting out and taking photos!

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Photographic experience

Am I the world's best photographer? No, I do wish I was a bit better at some aspects of photography. If a photographer (paid or non-profit) ever tells you they know everything about photography then never hire them take your picture, photography is always changing, evolving, improving, adapting and so that's what we as photographer's have to do too!

Do I think I am at least a good photographer? Hopefully yes! I get a lot of good feedback on my photos and have done well in plenty of competitions over the years, from small local photography groups, to big national competitions up against some of the best photographers in the world.

These days I don't enter many competitions and the main person that I want to be impressed by my photos is myself! This may sound a little narcissistic, but after years of worrying what others think, I now just concentrate on photographing things that interest me, if others like my work then that is a bonus, just not a priority any more :) Plus my biggest and most painfully honest critic has always been myself, making me like my own photos is no easy task!

I am a bit of a geek, so I photograph a lot of cosplay events such comic-cons, steampunk festivals, pirate days, pride and so on. If I can get there and people are dressed in fun costumes (geek or not) then I try to be there taking photos.

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A different photography site

If you have seen some of these photos on a web site called Death Prone Images don't worry, that's me too! That site is going to be removed eventually or at least converted into one for just my poetry and other writing.

If you spot any of my photos being used for anything profit making please tell me.

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Constructive comments always welcome

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